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Modern+ Sideview Car Pack

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So, finally i decided to make an commercial pack. I was thinking to sell tiles for a long time (like 4 years ago), but i don’t think these are good enough to sell. Anyway, i’ll try to sell a little collection of modern cars nammed “Modern+ Car Pack”. In this pack i was thinking to put 10-15 models of cars, motorcicles, SUVs and etc, with 5-10 recolors and edits in each model. (totalizing at least 50 sprites). Anyway, i make them only sideview (Like the logo image) and some models front/back view. This is because i have some difficult reproducing the same car in other point of view, so, if i can make them on 4 directions i’ll do (they will included in the pack like “Bonus sprites”), but i can’t promise nothing.
Anyway(AGAIN), this actually is only an ideia, idk nothing about sell resources or anything on internet, so i’ll search about how sell resources and make the sprites in the next weeks.

Ah, and i removed Spacepack and some other tiles from internet. I like these tiles a little bit more, so i have some plans for him if the Modern+ pack be a success.

(This 2 sprites took me 9 hours to make :o)

Finally, the pack will not cost much, i was thinking anything like $5 or $15.​

T Y 

btw thanks to NanikasiraTkool too, i took as sample some cars from him.